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Executive Statement

Airsask 20/20 was built from the ground up on two generations of hard work and perseverance to bring our executive clientele the highest level of comfort and safety whenever you fly with us. 


From the moment you walk into our hangar to when you get into your vehicle and leave, you’ll never want to go back to flying on commercial airliners. Chilled beverages and on-board Wi-Fi, chairs that recline for relaxation then rotate, instantly becoming a conference room in the sky — we will establish a new standard for travel. Our training and safety-minded company culture is our commitment to our clients. Our pilots are trained to the highest standard. We feel that your comfort and safety begins while on the ground. Our aircraft is meticulously maintained by our experienced maintenance crew and deeply cleaned before each flight.


Our owner’s dream was to provide our clients with a red carpet experience, and we plan to go above and beyond that without you breaking the bank.

Our Mission

Red Carpet in front of the plane

At Airsask 20/20 we have three core pillars to our mission: elegance, simplicity, and comfort.

We strive to provide an exquisite and seamless experience, whether you're going on a tropical vacation, attending a meeting, or going home to see family. You can count on refreshments and red carpet service the entire time you are in our care.

Complications are the last thing anyone wants when travelling. From booking your flight, to arrival at your destination, we have ensured your experience will be simple and easy. 

While you are in our care, your comfort is of utmost importance. From comfortable reclining seats with lots of leg room, to chilled beverages and snacks during your flight, you will want for nothing.

Our Vision



As we progress and grow, Airsask 20/20 will continue to create connections with local people and businesses through partnerships and opportunities. Fostering relationships with our clientele and vendors is at the core of our operation.



We will never settle for “good enough.” Our purpose is to provide efficient and seamless private air travel to our clients. We will always push to provide you with a more comfortable experience as we continue to add more luxury services to our flights.

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