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Cessna Citation Excel

Number Of Passengers

Max Range

Cabin Width/Height/Length


Service Ceiling

High Speed Cruise

Enclosed Flushing Lavatory


On-Board Amenities

Executive Seating


8 Passengers

1790NM (3315KM)
(Depending on payload)

5 Ft 6 In / 5 Ft 8 In / 18 Ft 6 In

80 Cu Ft of storage

45, 000 Ft

484 MPH


Pratt & Whitney 545A

110V power in cabin for device charging, Gogo Biz Wi-Fi, Gogo Vision App  with Interactive Airshow Map and Entertainment

Rotates and tracks for inflight conferences

Large amenity refreshment center

comfortable chair
aisle space
dinner settings on a table in the airplane
seating in airplane
rear view of passenger area
washroom of airplane
entrance of airplane
table in airplane
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